Skeletal tests suggest sacrificial victims during Shang Dynasty were held for a time

( team of researchers from Canada and China has found skeletal evidence of sacrificial victims during the Shang Dynasty being held for a period of time before being killed. In their paper published in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, the group describes their chemical analysis of bones from 68 sacrificial victims from Yinxuthe Shang capital.

The human sacrifice diet

Scientists analyze remains, explore the practice of human sacrifice in ancient China.

Wed 21 Jun 17 from Arstechnica

Chinese rulers tortured and starved human sacrifices

Researchers from Simon Frasier University in Canada analysed the remains of 68 sacrificial victims found in mass graves in Yinxu who were sacrificed by the Shang dynasty (stock image) ...

Tue 20 Jun 17 from Daily Mail

Ancient Human Sacrifice Victims Faced Slavery Before Death

At an ancient site of human sacrifice in China, may have claimed the lives of war captives may have been kept for years as slaves for years before they were killed, a new study finds.

Fri 16 Jun 17 from Livescience

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