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Birds' voiceboxes are odd ducks

Birds sing from the heart. While other four-limbed animals like mammals and reptiles make sounds with voiceboxes in their throats, birds' chirps originate in a unique vocal organ called the ...

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Fossil mice throw light on ancient climate change

Two new species found in Australian caves reveal how rainforests slowly gave way to arid habitats. Andrew Masterson reports.

22 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Ancient Egyptian 'magic spell' decoded

An ancient Egyptian papyrus with an image showing two bird-like creatures, possibly with a penis connecting them, has been deciphered, revealing a magic spell of love.

3 hours ago from FOXNews

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Chinese Cretaceous fossil highlights avian evolution

A newly identified extinct bird species from a 127 million-year-old fossil deposit in northeastern China provides new information about avian development during the early evolution of flight.

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How fruits got their eye-catching colors

Red plums. Green melons. Purple figs. Ripe fruits come in an array of greens, yellows, oranges, browns, reds and purples. Scientists say they have new evidence that plants owe their rainbow ...

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Violence in pre-Columbian Panama exaggerated, new study shows

Buried alive. Butchered. Decapitated. Hacked. Mutilated. Killed. Archaeologist Samuel K. Lothrop did not obfuscate when describing what he thought had happened to the 220 bodies his expedition ...

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400-year-old shipwreck found off Portugal coast

Archaeologists in Portugal say they have discovered off Lisbon a 400-year-old shipwreck they describe as the most important underwater find in the country for two decades.

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Questions raised about US museum's Abraham Lincoln hat

It has been a question plaguing the museum dedicated to one of America's greatest presidents: Is the hat real?

Fri 21 Sep 18 from

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Historian angers group who proposed labeling late Holocene as Meghalayan Age

Guy Middleton, a historian at the Czech Institute of Egyptology at Charles University in Prague, has angered members of the group who successfully pushed for the creation of a new unit of geological ...

Fri 21 Sep 18 from

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The first predators and their self-repairing teeth

The earliest predators appeared on Earth 480 million years ago—and they even had teeth capable of repairing themselves. A team of palaeontologists led by Bryan Shirley and Madleen Grohganz from ...

24 hours ago from

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