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Fairness evolved to support co-operation

FAIR GO: Our sense of fairness evolved in order to support long-term co-operation, a new analysis suggests.

9 hours ago from ABC Science

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Europeans drawn from three 'tribes'

Most present-day Europeans are a mixture of three ancient populations, according to a major study published in the journal Nature.

Wed 17 Sep 14 from BBC News

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Richard III death injuries revealed

King Richard III was probably killed by two blows to the head during a "sustained attack", according to new research.

Wed 17 Sep 14 from BBC News

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Chimps are naturally violent, study suggests

For years, anthropologists have watched wild chimpanzees "go ape" and attack each other in coordinated assaults.

15 hours ago from FOXNews

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Ancient Egyptian woman with 70 hair extensions discovered

More than 3,300 years ago, in a newly built city in Egypt, a woman with an incredibly elaborate hairstyle of lengthy hair extensions was laid to rest.

15 hours ago from FOXNews

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New insights into juicy steak

A new study into meat tenderness could refine the way Australians cook steak.

Tue 16 Sep 14 from

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'Lost chapel' skeletons found holding hands after 700 years

Archaeologists have uncovered a trove of relics and remains at Chapel of St Morrell in Leicestershire. Some relationships last a lifetime -- and archaeologists have discovered that they can ...

18 hours ago from ScienceDaily

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Egypt launches deep-packet inspection system with help from an American company

Deep-packet inspection is the one of the most invasive things a country can do to its internet. Employed by repressive regimes from Russia to Bahrain, it lets governments look into ...

Wed 17 Sep 14 from The Verge

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'Star Trek: The Original Series' scenes look fantastic as cinematic panoramas

Above is an original shot from Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Mirror, Mirror." Star Trek was broadcast in the 4:3 television standard, and there's nothing wrong with this shot ...

13 hours ago from The Verge

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Divers sure of new finds from 'ancient computer' shipwreck

Archaeologists set out Monday to use a revolutionary new deep sea diving suit to explore the ancient shipwreck where one of the most remarkable scientific objects of antiquity was found.

Mon 15 Sep 14 from

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