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How fish can learn to walk

Land-raised bichirs provide insight into evolutionary pressures facing first vertebrates to live on land.

5 hours ago from Nature News

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Bronze Age cellar reveals sophisticated winemaking

Ancient "bartenders" added honey, juniper berries, and mint to king's drinks

5 hours ago from Science Now

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Animals first flex their muscles

An unusual new fossil discovery of one of the earliest animals on earth may also provide the oldest evidence of muscle tissue the bundles of cells that make movement in animals possible.

24 hours ago from

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Stone-tipped spears lethal, may indicate early cognitive and social skills

Attaching a stone tip on to a wooden spear shaft was a significant innovation for early modern humans living around 500,000 years ago. However, it was also a costly behavior in terms of time ...

5 hours ago from

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Researchers suggest rate of evolution change can explain discrepancy between molecular clocks and fossil evidence

( A pair of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Australia, believe they may have found a way to solve the discrepancy problem that exists between molecular biologists ...

10 hours ago from

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Paleontologists describe a possible dinosaur nest and young 'babysitter'

Dinosaurs are often depicted as giant, frightening beasts. But every creature is a baby once.

9 hours ago from

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Ancient child skull had no soft spot

BRAIN EVOLUTION: The three-million-year-old skull of a young hominin shows no signs of the kind of soft spot that would be seen in human children with larger brains, CT scans reveal.

Mon 25 Aug 14 from ABC Science

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Ancient shipwreck off Malta leaves 700 BC cargo

Divers near a Maltese island have found an ancient ship's cargo that experts say is yielding what could be some of the oldest Phoenician artifacts.

Mon 25 Aug 14 from

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Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb

Archaeologists excavating an ancient tomb under a massive burial mound in northern Greece have entered the underground structure, which appears to have been looted in antiquity.

Mon 25 Aug 14 from

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Richard Attenborough Dies at 90. Let's All Watch Jurassic Park.

Richard Attenborough was a man of many talents. I knew him best as the well-intentioned but somewhat deranged scientist from Jurassic Park, but I knew him well in other roles. Read more...

Sun 24 Aug 14 from Gizmodo

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