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Prehistoric faeces reveals roundworm infection

Hands-on analysis finally identifies intestinal parasites described by Hippocrates. Andrew Masterson reports.

Fri 15 Dec 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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We found evidence of early humans in the jungles of Borneo

From the tropics of Borneo, Darren Curnoe posted a daily diary sharing his team's dig to explore ancient cemeteries. Through two metres of clay, human bones and tools were discovered. ...

Fri 15 Dec 17 from Cosmos Magazine

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Photos: Children's Graves Discovered in Ancient Egypt

Four intact burials of children have been discovered at Gebel el Silsila in Upper Egypt.

Fri 15 Dec 17 from Livescience

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Satellites trace Afghanistan's lost empires

Thu 14 Dec 17 from Science Now

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Ancient Wari Queen Brought to Life with Stunning Recreation of Head

At first glance, the wrinkled face of a dark haired-woman wearing round, gold earrings looks incredibly real. But it's not — it's a reconstruction crafted from modeling clay, based on the skull ...

23 hours ago from Livescience

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Aztec map gives insight into Mexican life in the 1500s

The map covers an area between Mexico City and Puebla where a family identified as 'de Leon' who descended from a major political leader known as Lord-11 Quetzalecatzin.

Fri 15 Dec 17 from Daily Mail

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The locomotion of hominins in the Pleistocene was just as efficient as that of current humans

In an article published recently in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, researchers from the Paleophysiology and Ecology Group of the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución ...

Fri 15 Dec 17 from

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Ancient amber seals away first direct evidence of dinosaur blood-sucking ticks

Scientists have long suspected that ticks feasted on the blood of dinosaurs, and now they've uncovered the first direct evidence. Preserved in a 99 million-year-old chunk of amber lies ...

Wed 13 Dec 17 from Gizmag

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Indonesian island found to be unusually rich in cave paintings

A tiny Indonesian island, previously unexplored by archaeologists, has been found to be unusually rich in ancient cave paintings following a study by researchers from The Australian National ...

Fri 15 Dec 17 from

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Ancient giant penguin could have looked us in the eye

Scientists have discovered that the waters off New Zealand were once the home of a penguin so large it could look a full-grown human in the eye. The 60 million year old remains of the ...

Thu 14 Dec 17 from Gizmag

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