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The first bioluminescent click beetle discovered in Asia represents a new subfamily

A remarkable bioluminescent click beetle was discovered in the subtropical evergreen broadleaf forests in southwest China. Scientists Mr. Wen-Xuan Bi, Dr. Jin-Wu He, Dr. Xue-Yan Li, all affiliated ...

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White-tailed deer were predominant in pre-Columbian Panama feasts

In pre-Columbian times, the white-tailed deer was among the most abundant and frequently consumed mammals in Panama. It was also an icon, represented on thousands of clay vessels. Through an ...

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Stunningly well preserved 500-year-old Columbus-era shipwreck revealed: 'Its almost like it sank yesterday'

Maritime archaeologists have used underwater drone technology to reveal the remains of an incredibly well-preserved 500-year-old shipwreck in the Baltic.

5 hours ago from FOXNews

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Cosmic pearls: Fossil clams in Florida contain evidence of ancient meteorite

Researchers picking through the contents of fossil clams from a Sarasota County quarry found dozens of tiny glass beads, likely the calling cards of an ancient meteorite.

Mon 22 Jul 19 from

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Archaeological evidence verifies long-doubted medieval accounts of First Crusade

The Univeristy of North Carolina at Charlotte-led archaeological dig on Jerusalem's Mount Zion has been going on for over a decade, looking at an area where there were no known ruins of major ...

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Pocket sharks are real, and scientists say this cutie is a new species - CNET

Whispers: Pocket shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Mon 22 Jul 19 from CNET

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Scientists document late Pleistocene/early Holocene Mesoamerican stone tool tradition

From the perspective of Central and South America, the peopling of the New World was a complex process lasting thousands of years and involving multiple waves of Pleistocene and early Holocene ...

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Israel mosque find: Archaeologists unearth 1,200-year-old ruins in desert

Researchers say the mosque, dating from the 7th or 8th century, would be a rare find anywhere.

Fri 19 Jul 19 from BBC News

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Sexual Dimorphism: Pliensbachian Apoderoceras

This stunning specimen with her regal ridges (and small anomaly) is an Apoderoceras ammonite, an extinct genus of cephalopod and active predatory mollusk belonging to the subclass ...

Mon 22 Jul 19 from Science 2.0

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Amputated Limbs and Musket Balls Unearthed at Waterloo, 200 Years After Napoleon's Defeat

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of amputated human limbs at the field hospital that serviced the wounded at the Battle of Waterloo.

8 hours ago from Livescience

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