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New Species of Ancient Human Found in Africa

These ancient humans had small teeth

Thu 28 May 15 from TIME

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Study suggests that dinosaurs were warm-blooded

Dinosaurs grew as fast as your average living mammal, according to a research paper published by Stony Brook University paleontologist Michael D'Emic, PhD. The paper, to published in Science ...

Fri 29 May 15 from

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Smashed skull world's oldest known murder mystery

COLD CASE: A 430,000-year-old fossil skull found deep in a cave in Spain is evidence of the oldest known murder in human history, say researchers.

Thu 28 May 15 from ABC Science

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Fossil ancestor shows sharks have a bony past

Most people know that sharks have a distinctive, all-cartilage skeleton, but now a fossil from Western Australia has revealed a surprise 'missing link' to an earlier, more bony form of the fish.

Fri 29 May 15 from

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Gene study shows humans took Egyptian path out of Africa

Eurasian genomes have more in common with Egyptian than Ethiopian ones, suggesting Eurasians left Africa via a northern route

Thu 28 May 15 from Newscientist

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Fish fossils found by 'creationist'

A man from Calgary reported to be a committed creationist finds five fish fossils dating back 60 million years whilst digging a basement.

Fri 29 May 15 from BBC News

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Archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old gold bongs in Russia

The "once-in-a-century" discovery of a set of solid gold bongs has offered a glimpse into the little-understood lives of Scythians, who ruled vast areas of Eurasia for a thousand years 2,400 ...

Fri 29 May 15 from The Independent

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Fossils of previously unknown beaver, related to modern species, found in Oregon

A fossilized skull and teeth from a newly described species of beaver that lived 28 million years ago have been unearthed in eastern Oregon.

Fri 29 May 15 from FOXNews

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15 Pictures Capture Photographer Cotton Coulson At Work

American photographer who shot several stories for National Geographic infused his work with a lively sense of humor and a subtle beauty.

Fri 29 May 15 from National Geographic

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Paleontologists pioneer laser-beam scanning of dinosaur fossils

A team of scientists based largely at the University of Kansas and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Washington has developed methods of using commercial-grade laser equipment ...

Wed 27 May 15 from

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