Feds: Uber self-driving SUV saw pedestrian; did not brake

The autonomous Uber SUV that struck and killed an Arizona pedestrian in March spotted the woman about six seconds before hitting her, but did not stop because the system used to automatically ...

32 minutes ago from Phys.org

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No, Twitter still doesn’t have to abide by the First Amendment — even if Trump's account does

What you need to know about the ruling on Trump's Twitter blocking.

17 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Uber puts brakes on self-driving car operation in Arizona

Uber is ending its operation of self-driving cars in Arizona more than two months after a woman was struck and killed by one of its vehicles.

21 hours ago from Phys.org

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Apple teams up with Volkswagen to make self-driving passenger vans

Apple has partnered with car manufacturer VW to create a self-driving fleet of vans that will ferry employees around its many campuses, including Apple Park in California.

2 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Criminal investigation into Bitcoin price manipulation launched by Justice Department

The United States Justice Department has recently opened an investigation to determine whether traders of Bitcoin are intentionally influencing the price of the digital currency. Investigators ...

1 hours ago from Techspot

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Russian hackers could instantly cut off the internet for half a million people

'Both the scale and the capability of this operation are concerning'

4 hours ago from The Independent

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Apple offers £54 credit to iPhone users who replaced battery last year

Apple is offering global users a refund for replacing their batteries. To be eligible, users need to have replaced their battery on an iPhone 6 or newer model in 2017.

32 minutes ago from Daily Mail

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Uber is building a flying taxi technology center in Paris

Uber has wildly ambitious plans to send flying taxis soaring over cities, but building them will be orders of magnitude harder than anything it has ever done. As such, the company announced ...

4 hours ago from Engadget

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Acer Announces New 13 and 15-Inch Chromebooks

There are 13 and 15-inch variants, and each is available as a regular laptop and a "Spin" version with a 360-degree hinge. These might be just what the premium midrange needs. The post Acer ...

1 hours ago from Extremetech

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