An Apple repair center accidentally called 911 about 1,600 times in four months — and no one knows why

Apple is aware of the problem and investigating it.

18 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Neanderthals Were the Original Artists

If you still think Neanderthals were dull-witted brutes, you simply aren’t woke. In 1856, laborers in a limestone quarry in Germany’s Neander Valley unearthed a skull cap that belonged to our ...

Thu 22 Feb 18 from Discover Magazine

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Facebook pulls gun game from conservative gathering

Facebook pulled a virtual reality gun game from a major US conservative political gathering Friday, saying the demo was a mistake given the recent deadly school shooting in Florida.

4 hours ago from

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Google Assistant adds more languages in global push

Google said Friday its digital assistant software would be available in more than 30 languages by the end of the years as it steps up its artificial intelligence efforts against Amazon and others.

Fri 23 Feb 18 from

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Dropbox files for public stock offering of $500 mln

Dropbox filed Friday for an initial public offering, seeking to raise an estimated $500 million for the Silicon Valley cloud computing storage startup.

18 hours ago from

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AR still doesn’t have a killer app, but Google’s ARCore is here to help

Its AR developer kit for Android devices is now open to everyone. That will spur more innovation.

24 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Microsoft & Xiaomi Team Up To Make AI-Powered Devices

Smart speakers are the “in” thing at the moment, and a recent survey found that companies such as Google and Amazon pretty much dominate that particular scene at the moment. This is why it ...

15 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Surprising new study redraws family tree of domesticated and 'wild' horses

There are no such things as "wild" horses anymore.

Thu 22 Feb 18 from

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Android P won't get a 'dark mode' after all

There was a short-lived hysteria Friday when it seemed like Google would grant a longstanding request to add built-in "dark mode" theming on stock Android, similar to the ...

6 hours ago from Engadget

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The FCC’s Republicans went to a conservative confab. One won a gun, the other an ethics complaint.

An appearance by Chairman Ajit Pai and his GOP colleagues on the Federal Communications Commission at CPAC offered an unexpected brush with a national battle over gun control – and a new ethics ...

16 hours ago from The Washington Post

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